Be Safe While Using Blogger

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you want to Share your life in your blog, but you must now how to ensure you don't reveal more information than you want to while using Blogger . So , You should follow These Steps :

Step 1 :
Log in to your Blogger account and go to your dashboard. Select "Edit Profile" from the right sidebar.
Stép 2 :
Click on the check box next to "Share my profile" to un-select and hide your profile.
Stép 3 :
if You Want to share some information ===>  Leave the "Share my profile" box selected but change other options.
Stép 4 :
Don’t want to show your name ? Make sure the  "Show my real name" box is not checked. Want to be sure that people can't flood your email account ? Make sure that you un-check the "Show my email address" box.
stép 5 :
To keep your identity even more private, don't upload a photo or  your birthday.
Stép 6 :
Save your changes. :D


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