Attract More Visitors to Your Blogger Blog

Posted by Admin On Sunday, April 22, 2012 0 comments
Hi Friends Today i will Show You how to attract more visitors to your blogger blog ( OK !!! ) , Here are some easy steps to help you attract more visitors.

Step 1 :
Check that your blog is set to ping whenever you update it. Click "Setting," and then go to "Publishing." The "Notify Weblogs" option should be set to "Yes." If you've made any changes, save them.
Step 2 :
Install "Email this post" so readers have an easy way of sending your content to their friends. Click "Settings," and then select "Basic." The "Show Email Post Links" option should be set to "Yes." Save any changes.
Step 3 :
Add a site feed so readers immediately can learn when you make changes. Select "Settings," then select "Site Feed" and list the "Feed Items." Save any changes.
Step 4 :
Submit your blog to search directories. You can find blog directories by searching the Web.
Step 5 :
Add links to other blogs & forum from your blog and leave comments for other writers.


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