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miltiple Authors For blogger

Hi every Body !! Today i will Show How You an Let Multiple Authors Post on Your  Blogger Blog. You can have team blogs on Blogger. Just set up your blog so that more than one person can write posts. A great option for small groups and organizations who want to share a blog.
You'll Need The email address of any person who will be allowed to post articles on your blog.

Now to invite Persons to be authors on Your blogger blog You need to folow These Steps :
  • Sign in to Blogger
  • Go to the Settings for your blog. Click the link for Permissions.
  • You should see a display like the image at the beginning of this article. Click the "Add Authors" button to add one or more new authors to the list of people who can write posts for your blog.
  • Blogger uses email to invite new authors to participate in writing your blog.
  • After you click the "Add Authors" button, a form opens. Enter the email address for each new author you want
  • Blogger sends an email invitation to each person you listed in Step 4. If they agree to participate in writing the blog, they respond to the email affirmatively. Blogger does the rest for you.
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